Our Summer Reading summaries….

The sail cars, really sailed!

We LOVED our tour of Falk’s Sculpture Garden and carousel rides!! What an imaginative yard.

Catskill Puppet Theater was a great success! Their show “Willow Girl” was full of surprises!

Recycle the Bag Continues

Just a reminder that we are still collecting plastics that can’t normally be recycled. (pellet bags, food bags, etc. see the attached photo) They are handed in to Trex, and after 500 pounds, we receive a beautiful bench for free for outside the library or maybe the park!. Anytime the Community Building is open, feel free to bring your plastics and leave them by our bins. We have earned two benches already and are well on our way to our third bench!

South Lewis Art Show Returns!                

We are very excited that our Annual South Lewis Art Show will be returning in February! Patrons are asked to stop in and view the wonderful pieces from the talented South Lewis kids of all ages. The Patron Choice Award will be returning as well so watch for more details at the end of the month.

– Mike Petersen with the hemlock mantle he created for the antique water main –

Turin Antebellum Water Main

The very old “pencil main” that was accidently happened upon when the village was digging the water pipes, has been officially “aged”! Dr. Alexander K. Stewart from St. Lawrence University’s Geology Department has sent a letter with results from his studies. “The tree that was used to make the wooden watermain was cut between September 1881 – spring of 1882. The tree was native to Turin and is a red pine. The tree had 61 growth rings on it minus the center that was carved out, so it dates back to 175-180 years of age. The tree would have germinated sometime around 1800.” Thank you very much to Mike Petersen for the wonderful hemlock mantle he created to hold our “old treasure”!